There aren’t many gadgets you can buy for less than $30, that will make life easier but I found one! It’s the remote outlet adapters from AmazonThey are super simple and well built. Stick around for my “Life Hack” use for this inexpensive little outlets.

I have one on the living room lamps, one on the lamps in my music room and I even put one on my oil warmer/fragrance lamp. Probably the absolute best application for these, that I have found has been, hooking up my router and modem with one of the outlets. I got tired of having to crawl behind the entertainment center and track cables to find the right one to unplug, when our internet had issues.


Most of the time, simply rebooting your modem or router will fix a slow network issue and save you the headache of calling the cable company for help. Now, when things get slow, I just press a button on the remote to power the network off and press a button to power it back on. No more tracking cables, no more crawling around on the floor to unplug them. No need to explain to my wife or anyone else, which box to unplug when I’m not at home. All she has to do is press a button to reset the network and usually, it fixes any hiccups. This has saved us so much time and has been well worth the price!

A lot of times we’ll be watching YouTube or Netflix on our Fire stick and the picture will get pixelated or it will start buffering. It’s so nice to stay seated on the couch, grab the remote and reset the network with the push of a button. Usually, the network comes back up and runs like a champ for at least a couple days. Thanks Spectrum, Motorola, Asus, Obama… Whoever’s at fault for the slow down!

There are more expensive home automation outlets that you can control from your phonebut I find these budget outlets to be just fine. Sometimes I even think they are better because I don’t have to get my phone, unlock it, find the app, and find the right switch in the app to turn it off/on. I just grab the little remote that comes with the outlets and click the button. I would suggest these to anyone, especially if you have internet issues and have to reset your little black boxes often. (SEE ON AMAZON)



From the manufacturer

Customize your Control

Purchase additional outlets and remotes to control all of your electrical devices.*

*Additional outlets must have the learning code button in order to be paired with 5LX remotes.